About Us

NewsOnAIR is your single stop point for NEWS in text, audio, and video format. Latest happenings from India and from around the globe are available to you in your chosen language.

NewsOnAIR is not just news and current affairs, but is also a depository of cultural, traditional, historical, archival, informational, educational, latest, popular, and even live content. Prasar Bharati, through this versatile platform, aspires to not just reach to you but also regale you with matter that is responsible and most relevant in the current times.

The multifaceted platform makes accessible more than 230 Live Radio Channels, Live TV, News, Current Affairs as well as Entertainment programs (text, podcast and videos) from Akashvani/ All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan (DD) networks in India, accessible within a few clicks as one lands on the homepage. This undertaking is one of the steps by Prasar Bharati, towards creating a truly global digital platform.

1. News & Latests

NewsOnAIR, as the name propounds, engages in proffering the latest news and current affairs digitally. It brings to you updates from India as well as from across the world keeping the authenticity uncompromised. The stories which the platform makes available are responsible, genuine, multilingual and relevant for a global audience.

2. Languages

‘Language’ has always been a strength to India’s Public Broadcaster. It has been retaining that pan-Indian flavour in each of its products and ‘NewsOnAIR’ is no exception. The platform is multilingual, extending content in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Assamese and Dogri languages for now, as we keep adding content in many more Indian and Foreign languages.

3. Live Radio/Podcasts/TV & Specialised Content

The website features 230+ Live Radio channels, 24/7 LIVE streaming of Prasar Bharati’s major TV channels including DD News, DD India, the Home Channel, DD Kisan, DD Kashir, DD Sports along with the RSTV. The platform also provides Audio news bulletin podcasts in almost 40 languages which are categorized into hourly, national and regional news podcasts. In addition, the platform also makes available for you a variety of weekly programs and Special Talks podcasts.

4. Social Media Sharing

An experience loved is an experience shared! The website tucks an easy social share button on every story allowing you to easily share news and current affairs with your social media connections and networks. Through this social media sharing feature, NewsOnAIR aspires to expand its reach to new audiences on regional, national as well as global level.

For more info visit : prasarbharati.gov.in