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International Museum Day: National Council of Science Museums bridging the scientific gap

Museums have the power to transform the world around us. As incomparable places of discovery, they teach us about our past and open our minds to new ideas and several steps in building a better future. Every year, on 18 May the world celebrates the power of museums as International Museum Day.

On similar lines, the Ministry of Culture is organizing a week-long celebration for ‘International Museum Day’ across all its museums in the country. On this occasion, visitors will get free entry to all the museums under the Ministry from May 16 to 20, 2022.

The Indian museums play a significant role in showcasing and preserving India’s cultural heritage, while also educating the coming generation. A lot around us also depends on science. How things work and how the ecosystem has transformed from the existence of humankind, science has all the answers, maybe not all but many.

To encourage scientific temper in the society, the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) under the Ministry of Culture is promoting and creating awareness regarding the culture of science, technology & innovation through its Science Cities/Science Centres/Innovation Hubs.

About National Council of Science Museums

NCSM has developed its own Nationwide network of 25 Science Museums/Centres. Among 25 centres, divided into North, South, East, North East and West Zones, there are 6 National Level Centres namely Science City (Kolkata), Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM), (Kolkata), Nehru Science Centre (Mumbai), Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (Bengaluru), National Science Centre (Delhi) and Central Research & Training Laboratory (Kolkata).

The National Council of Science Museums has one of the largest networks of science centres and museums. The NCSM was established as an autonomous society under the Ministry of Culture on April 4, 1978. It now manages 25 centres, spread across India.

Central Research & Training Laboratory based in Kolkata is the Council’s central hub for professional training, research and development. Except for Science City, Kolkata other National Level centres have Regional and Sub-Regional/District Level centres under their control and are called Satellite Units (SUs).

How the National Council of Science Museums is bringing a change in Society

Any society should respect science and encourage it. Bringing scientific temperament in school going children and society makes the National Council of Science Museum special.

The organization encourage the setting up of facilities such as Science Cities, Science Centres, Innovation Hubs, Mobile Science Exhibitions (MSE) etc. and Science Outreach programmes such as Science Seminar, Science Drama, Science & Engineering Fair, Science Film Festival, Workshops, Training, Lectures and Science demonstrations etc. for general public and students in particular.

These are the Science City\Science Centers under the Ministry of Culture to promote Science in India.

1. Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, Kolkata

2. Shrikrishna Science Centre, Patna

3. North Bengal Science Centre, Siliguri

4. District Science Centre, Bardhaman

5. District Science Centre, Purulia

6. Digha Science Centre, Digha

7. Central Research and Training Laboratory, Kolkata

8. Regional Science Centre, Bhubaneswar

9. Dhenkanal Science Centre, Dhenkanal and Kapilas Science Park

10. National Science Centre, Delhi

11. Regional Science City, Lucknow

12. Kurukshetra Panorama and Science centre, Kurukshetra

13. Palampur Science Centre, Palampur

14. Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai

15.Raman Science Centre & Planetarium, Nagpur

16. Regional Science Centre, Bhopal

17. Goa Science Centre, Panjim

18. District Science Centre, Dharampur

19. Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum, Bangalore

20. Regional Science Centre & Planetarium, Calicut

21. Regional Science Centre, Tirupati

22. District Science Centre, Gulbarga

23. District Science Centre, Tirunelveli

24. Regional Science Centre, Guwahati

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