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Railways Minister says, solution will come out in three weeks

Union Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has assured the agitating students in some parts of the country that the government is soon coming out with concrete solutions to their concerns with the utmost sensitivity. Talking to DD News, he said, to address the grievances and concerns of the students a committee has started taking into account the presentations of the representatives of the students and a solution will be coming out in three weeks’ time.

Discussing the possible solutions to the problem, he said that the presentations given by the representatives of the students amply suggest that we are very close to the resolutions of the issues. Vaishnaw said the committee has very senior members of the railway board who handle recruitment-related issues and have a fair deal of experience in handling such issues.

The Rail minister said, three weeks’ time has been given to the students for producing their representations and once this process is finished, we will come out with a solution just after that. Reassuring the student that no injustice would be meted out to them, Vaishnaw said that under our constitutional system two things are very important in this regard. First, we prescribe minimum qualification, not a maximum qualification in any examination. This clearly suggests that even if an exam requires you to be just 10+2, we don’t reject those having higher degrees.

Explaining the intricacies of the exam process, Vaishnaw said, we can’t restrict any student from appearing in more than one examination. It is a constitutional right of each student to try for maximum examinations. He said, I have myself gone through this process, hence understand the mental pain and anxieties of the students. To a question – ‘doesn’t appearance of students with higher degrees in an exam where the minimum degree required is just 10+2, damage the prospects of those not having higher degrees”, the rail ministers said once all representations are done by the students before the members of the committee formed on January 27, a logical and legal solution is expected to come out.

To a question, “Will the government be able to come out with a solution within three weeks”, rail minister said that we expect so, however, conducting exams in which 1.25 crore of students appear, that too in a fair, transparent and efficient way, is not a small thing. Vaishnaw said that examinations are conducted in two stages considering the mindsets and other circumstances of the students and all stages are done through a computer in a very fair manner, which hardly leaves any doubt. And no irregularities were reported even in the examinations conducted during the covid time. Vaishnaw assured that the government will come out with a solution very soon which will address the concerns of all students.

It is important to note here that a committee has been set up with senior officers of the RRB, which has started accepting presentations of children and discussing things with the representatives of the agitating children. Thousands of students have already given their presentations to the Railway officials being in direct contact with them and many more students are coming with their presentations.

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