Thursday, May 26, 2022


We need to provide space to youth to ensure good governance: Secretary, YAS Ministry

The High-Level Global Conference on Youth-Inclusive Peace Process was held virtually on 19-21 January 2022, co-hosted by the State of Qatar, and the Governments of Finland and Colombia. The virtual Global Conference aimed to secure national commitments to advance country-level operationalization of the YPS agenda, and strengthen political will and commitment towards including youth in peace processes.

Usha Sharma, Secretary of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, highlighted that India has the largest adolescent and youth population and the Indian government is determined to capitalize on this demographic dividend.

‘’On 12 Jan PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the National youth festival which aimed to propagate the concept of national integration, the spirit of communal harmony, brotherhood, courage, and adventure among the youth,’’ said
the Secretary.

She further said that PM Modi considers entrepreneurs as India’s ‘Growth Ambassadors’. ‘’We need to provide greater economic opportunities to youth, a just equitable environment for work, and the opportunity to learn skills and develop entrepreneurial capacities, she added.

On prioritizing the pivotal role of young people in peacebuilding, she noted that the youth who are catalysts to change become victims of violent extremism and radicalization. Therefore, we need to focus on providing adequate social protection and a conducive socio-economic environment for the youth.

Underscoring the need to enhance their participation the Secretary said,’’ It is our duty to ensure to create a conducive environment to facilitate their participation and provide them with an important role in nation-building rather than keeping them on the periphery.’’

India believes that a balanced and integrated implementation of all 5 pillars namely prevention, protection, participation, partnership, and disenegaement provided in UNSC resolution 2250 on youth, peace, and security is essential to ensure full and meaningful participation of young people.

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