Thursday, May 26, 2022


US: Authorities approves more flight after air travel disruption caused by rollout of 5G services

Airlines across the world are adjusting their schedules and aircraft deployments for flights to the U.S. over fears that a 5G rollout near American airports could interfere with key safety systems. Air India Ltd. warned yesterday flights to the U.S. will be curtailed or revised Dubai’s Emirates Airline said it will suspend flights to several U.S. cities, including Chicago, Newark, and San Francisco, while Japan Airlines Co. and ANA Holdings Inc. said they will drop some routes and won’t fly their 777 jets to and from the U.S. mainland after a warning from Boeing Co.Korean Air Lines Co. said its 777 and 747-8 aircraft are affected by the 5G service, and is rearranging its fleet.

The concerns stem from potential interference with sensitive navigation equipment used during landings in poor weather, which a trade association representing major U.S. airlines said could lead to “catastrophic disruptions.”

AT&T and Verizon, assigned to roll out 5G system, agreed to delay switching on hundreds of 5G cell towers near U.S. airports following last-minute talks with government officials over safety concerns.

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