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CSIR’s newly developed Disinfection technology now open for general roll-out for use by common masses

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh on 17 January 2022 announced that CSIR’s newly developed Disinfection technology is now open for general roll-out for use by the common masses.

The technology has been successfully tried in Railways, AC Buses and even the Parliament House wherein it has been found to be effective for mitigation of airborne transmission of SARS-COV-2. The technology behind this machine will also remain relevant in the post-COVID era.

What is CSIR-CSIO’s UV-C technology?

The UV-C technology has been developed according to the requirements for the deactivation of the SARS COV-2 virus contained in an aerosol.

It has been constructed with necessary ventilation measures that are needed for safety and user guidelines and tested Bio-safety standards etc. This technology deactivates viruses, bacteria, fungus and other bio – aerosols etc., with appropriate dosages using 254nm UV light.

UV-C air duct disinfection system can be installed in auditoriums, large conference rooms, classrooms, malls etc., which provides a relatively safer environment for indoor activities in the current pandemic.

Successful Tests so far

The UV-C Disinfection Technology has been successfully tested for 1 month in Railways coaches from Bandra to Chandigarh covering a distance of 1000 kilometres.

A.K Malhotra, Executive Director, Railway Board said that RDSO (Research Designs and Standards Organisation), Lucknow has recommended for the use of this technology in all Railways coaches in a phased manner.

In addition to this, UV-C Disinfection has also been successfully used in AC Buses of Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC). Amit Varadan, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways informed that the Transport Ministry has decided to carry forward this technology for all passengers Transport Vehicles in near future.

UV-C technology for safety during elections & parliament sessions

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh informed that CSIR is planning to write to the Election Commission of India about the usage of this technology during indoor meetings with limited capacity.

Earlier, the Election Commission permitted indoor meetings in poll-bound States with a maximum capacity of 300 people or 50 per cent capacity of the hall or auditorium, while adhering to the model code of conduct and COVID protocols during electioneering. The UV-C technology would ensure safer elections of Assembly polls in 5 States since there is also a ban on physical rallies and roadshows for a specified period of time.

The Minister stated that he will also write to the Secretary-General of Rajya Sabha for the installation of this technology ahead of the upcoming Budget Session too. A testament to its effective use can be noted from its successful installation in the Central Hall, Lok Sabha Chamber and Committee Rooms 62 and 63 in July 2021 ahead of the Monsoon session of Parliament.

To ensure its wide usage Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs Manoj Joshi added that CPWD will work along with CSIR for wider dissemination and adoption of UV-C air duct disinfection system in Government as well as Private Buildings.

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