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InnAccel & NIRAMAI receive World Bank Group & Consumer Technology Association’s Global Women’s HealthTech Awards

The World Bank Group and the Consumer Technology Association have awarded NIRAMAI Health AnalytixPvt. Ltd. and InnAccel Technologies Pvt. Ltd., two DBT-BIRAC-supported start-ups based in India, the Global Women’s Health Tech Awards.

The award recognises innovative startups that use technology to improve women’s health and safety in emerging markets.

Launched in August 2021, the Awards attracted over 70 companies from 35 countries, which submitted their innovative products and services under three categories: reproductive health and pregnancy, general women’s and adolescent health, and women safety and security.

Beating Breast cancer with NIRAMAI’s award-winning software

NIRAMAI Health AnalytixPvt. Ltd, won this award for its novel software-based medical device that detects early-stage breast cancer in a simple and private way on women of all age groups and breast densities, addressing a critical unmet need in cancer screening.

“It’s a validation of our Indian innovation’s global applicability,” stated Geeta Manjunath, Founder of NIRAMAI.

The created solution is a low-cost, accurate, automated, portable, contactless, non-radioactive, and painless cancer screening instrument that currently has no known adverse effects. The software is called Thermalytix, a machine learning and AI-based Computer Diagnostic Engine that employs artificial intelligence algorithms to evaluate thermal images and create a quantitative report for breast health and possible anomalies.

Over 45,000 women have been screened as a result of the startup’s collaborations with over 30 hospitals and diagnostic centres across India. At this stage, the tool has the potential to enable 2 billion women around the world to check for cancer on a regular basis, potentially saving 90,000 lives per year in India alone.

Moreover, NIRAMAI Health AnalytixPvt. Ltd, is also a recipient of BIRAC’s Women in Entrepreneurial ResearchAward 2019.

Fetal Lite: Next-generation, AI-powered fetal heart rate (FHR) monitor

InnAccel Technologies Pvt Ltd. bagged this prestigious award for developing Fetal Lite, a next-generation, AI-powered fetal heart rate (FHR) monitor based on fetal ECG signal extraction technology for mothers in labour or post 37 weeks of gestation.

The device has next-gen ECG signal processing which is more accurate, reliable, and easier to use than the conventional Doppler-based devices while also being comfortable for the mother.

Fetal Lite is CE certified in Europe and has completed two clinical trials with over 60 patients showcasing remarkable results, as well as a demo at over 30 hospitals. The device can be used for both active and remote monitoring in the in-hospital and in-home settings.

Nitesh Jangir, Co-founder, InnAccel said “the support received from BIRAC, has been crucial for the journey of idea to benefitting the patients with European regulatory approval.”

“It is not just funding but mentoring and handholding that has helped us mitigate risks,” InnAccel Co-founder further added.

“As a funding agency, these success stories are a validation about the impact we have created by nurturing a vibrant startup ecosystem for solving the pressing challenges being faced by humanity,” stated Dr Rajesh Gokhale, Secretary, DBT.

The other winning startups selected by a panel of industry experts are Antiva Biosciences and UE LifeSciences.

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