Sunday, December 5, 2021

Centre directs 11 states, 2 UTs to ramp up COVID testing to keep pandemic in control

Union Health Ministry has written to Nagaland, Sikkim, Maharashtra, Kerala, Goa, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal and  Ladakh over decline in weekly COVID19 testing numbers.

In a letter written to these State governments, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has said that it is important that the State maintains high testing given the recent increase in travelling, due to various events such as marriages and festive celebrations. Mr Bhushan cautioned that a decrease in testing would undermine the actual infection spread within the community.

He also said,  with the onset of winter and increased pollution in some states, prevalence of influenza-like illness and respiratory distress symptoms should be closely monitored. He asked the States that tests should conducted regularly for timely monitoring and clustering of cases for early hotspot identification. Mr Bhushan expressed confidence said that under their leadership we will be able to maintain the momentum and build on the progress made so far to bring the pandemic situation under control. He assured any requisite support to the State in the ongoing and collective efforts against Covid-19.

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