Sunday, December 5, 2021

BJP mocks Congress Working Committee meeting as parivar bachao working committee

The BJP today mocked the Congress Working Committee CWC meeting as parivar bachao working committee. It alleged that the meeting offered no answers to the issues of the party’s internal rift and failure of its leadership and instead indulged in spreading lies. Briefing Media in New Delhi, BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said, the meeting was called after repeated demands of the group of G-23 leaders, but after the opening remarks of the Congress President, it became very clear that the purpose of this meeting was the internal discord within the Congress and the failures of the leadership.

He said, Rahul Gandhi repeatedly says that democracy is in danger, but it seems that even internal democracy is not left in the Congress party. He said, when party leader Kapil Sibal raised the issue, some people protested at his house.

Mr Bhatia criticised the CWC for not reacting to the ghastly murder of a Dalit man at the Singhu border farmers’ protest site and questioned if the opposition party stood with the talibani mindset behind the killing. He said, anarchic elements are using farmers for their politics.

Mr Bhatia said, for the sake of petty and cheap vote bank politics, opposition parties, especially the Congress, will maintain deafening silence on this key issue.

The Congress Working Committee was held in New Delhi today. Party top brass had deliberations on key issues such as organisational elections, forthcoming assembly polls and the current political situation at the first physical meeting of the party’s working committee since the Covid outbreak.

Party interim president Sonia Gandhi firmly told the Committee that she is a full-time and hands-on Congress president, days after G-23 leader Kapil Sibal had said that no one knew who was taking decisions in the party since there was no elected president.

Putting the Congress organisational election schedule on the table, Ms Gandhi took on dissenters within and said they don’t need to speak to her through the media.

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