Tuesday, December 7, 2021

NCPCR ensuring rights of every child to grow up in a familial environment

If I ask you what’s the most important futuristic thing for a nation, the answer would be– the generation that will shape the country tomorrow, for that this next generation shall be nurtured at a young age and through adolescence, which has both psychological and developmental effects.

In the same manner Child care homes — in India are making the ends meet for the children who couldn’t live with their families. That means that as well as providing food, shelter, and space for play and leisure in a caring environment, they also act as a place where children can grow and develop.

To gain more insights, PBNS has an exclusive conversation with the chairperson of NCPCR (The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights) Mr Priyank Kanongoo, and learnt how the commission is making child care homes a safe haven for children.

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