Sunday, January 23, 2022

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar participates in G-20 Agriculture Ministerial meeting

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar today participated in the G-20 Agriculture Ministerial meeting organized by Italy, which holds the Presidency of G20.

Addressing the session on the topic Research as a driving force behind sustainability, Mr Tomar said, agricultural research has played an important role in tackling the problem of food security, improving the income of farmers and agriculturists and sustainable use of natural resources for the subsistence of the people.

The Minister stated that agricultural research in India has played a major role in transforming the country from being a food importer to exporter.

He said, today, with an annual production of 308 million tonnes of food grains, India is not only in the realm of food security but is also catering to needs of other countries.

He said, oilseeds Technology Mission doubled the production of oilseeds in 10 years. Mr Tomar said, India has made great progress in pulses production in recent times due to the introduction of new varieties in the seed system.

The Agriculture Minister explained that by the year 2030-31, India’s population is likely to exceed 150 crores, for which the demand for food grains is then estimated to be around 350 million tonnes.

Mr Tomar said, there is a need to rethink and adapt agricultural research and development, along with increasing investment in scientific research, to achieve adequate and nutritious food along with environmental sustainability.

The Minister said, working in this direction, Government has developed and released 17 varieties of different crops which are resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses.

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