Wednesday, January 19, 2022

At least 20 civilians are believed to have been killed in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley: Report

In Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley, at least 20 civilians are believed to have been killed, BBC reported yesterday. Communications have been cut in the valley. The Taliban has denied targeting civilians but coming after reports of a massacre of members of the Hazara minority and the killing of a policewoman last month, it is a further sign that the reality on the ground differs from the Taliban’s promises of no revenge attacks.
The Panjshir region is the final holdout of anti-Taliban resistance since the militant group swept back into power last month. Heavy fighting has been taking place in the mountainous region in north-central Afghanistan between the National Resistance Front fighters and the Taliban. Despite Taliban’s promises that there would not be any revenge killings after international forces were evacuated last month, reports have documented targeted killings.

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