Thursday, January 27, 2022

Iran agree to allow new memory cards in UNs’ nuclear site cameras

Iran has agreed to allow international inspectors to install new memory cards into surveillance cameras at its sensitive nuclear sites and to continue filming there, potentially averting a diplomatic showdown this week.

This was announced by Mohammad Eslami of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran after a meeting he held with the Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi in Tehran.

Tehran holds all recordings at its sites as negotiations over the U.S. and Iran returning to the 2015 nuclear deal remain stalled in Vienna.

Meanwhile, Iran is now enriching small amounts of uranium to its closest-ever levels to weapons-grade purity as its stockpile continues to grow.

Grossi said, he is glad to say that they were able to have a very constructive result, which has to do with the continuity of the operation of the agency’s equipment in Iran.

He said, it is indispensable for them to provide the necessary guarantee and information to the IAEA and to the world that everything is in order.

Mr Eslami described the negotiations between Iran and the Vienna-based IAEA as sheerly technical without any room for politics.

He said Grossi would return to Iran soon to talk with officials, without elaborating.

A joint statement released by the IAEA and Iran confirmed the understanding, saying only that the way and the timing are agreed by the two sides.

Meanwhile, Russian ambassador to the IAEA Mikhail Ulyanov praised the agreement on Twitter, calling it technical but very important.

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