Thursday, May 26, 2022


20th anniversary of 9/11 attacks on the world trade center twin towers being observed today

The word 9/11 invokes in our memories the events that sent shockwaves around the world 20 years ago. It showed the ugly head of terror aided and abetted in the name of radical Islam by Al qaeda. Two decades ago , on this very day 19 AlQaeda terrorists hijacked four aircrafts in United States with a sinister design. Two aircrafts crashed into the World Trade Center towers in New York while one of them crashed into Pentagon outside Washington.

The fourth plane crashed into rural Pennysylvania as the passengers tried to take back the control from the hijackers. 2,977 people were killed in these dastardly attacks, raising the spectre of terrorism. Most of those killed were American nationals but citizens of more than 100 countries lost their lives as well The mastermind behind these attacks was the founder of the terror outfit Al Qaeda – Osama bin Laden.

The irony is that most of these hijackers were of Saudi origin, all were trained in Afghanistan and four of them had received training at the flight training schools in United States. The incident led to the global outrage with the then US President George Bush calling for a global war on terror.

US troops were sent to Afghanistan under the Operation Enduring Freedom which led to the ouster of the then regime in Kabul. Terrorists were hunted down and Osama Bin Laden was killed a decade later on 2nd May 2011 in Pakistan’s Abbotabad. The concerted move by the global community over the 20 years has exposed the nefarious designs of terrorists and underlined the need to weed out the menace of terrorism.

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