Saturday, January 22, 2022

Super typhoon Chanthu threatens Philippines, Taiwan

A super typhoon that rapidly formed in just 48 hours is threatening both the Philippines and Taiwan with destructive winds and torrential rains over the coming days.

The typhoon named “Chanthu” was about 580 kilometres southeast of Taiwan’s southernmost tip on Friday morning, packing gusts of up to 234 kilometres an hour, according to Taiwan’s central weather bureau.

The Philippine state weather agency said the typhoon was expected to graze the northeastern tip of the country later Friday.

The agency warned of “destructive” winds in Santa Ana town, where around 35,000 people live, and the eastern part of the remote Babuyan Islands. Rough seas will throw up 2.5 to 10-metre waves, it added.

Most projections forecast the storm will then continue to swing northeast and could hit Taiwan directly over the weekend.

“It will be closest to Taiwan on Saturday and Sunday. The public should take precautions against strong winds and downpours,” said Taiwanese forecaster Hsu Chung-yi.

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