Friday, January 21, 2022

National Test House to venture in nano-technology

A Press Conference on the significant role of NTH (National Test House) in the country’s development on Tuesday was held. The National Test House (NTH) is a 109-year-old government quality assurance laboratory that conducts material testing for business, consumers, and government organisations.

Role of NTH in country’s development:

NTH has dedicated its services to various nation building projects over the last seventy-five years and has carried out scientific testing and quality assessment of various Bridges, Airports, Steel Plants,Road & Highways, Refineries, Power Plant etc. NTH has six laboratories that provide quality assurance for the country’s industrial and economic progress. It has made significant contributions to scientific theory, discovery, and practical product development.

National Test House (NTH) is a shining example of how India as a country has ahead with time in research, development, and technology, all of which is contributing to nation building and quality in every sphere of life, said Leena Nandan, Secretary Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution.

How is NTH beneficial for consumers?

Whether it’s railway lines, coaches, high-rise buildings, cement concrete, iron, steel bars, transformers, or small consumer items like mixer grinders, ovens, batteries, wires, cables, toasters, or pressure cookers, the National Test House (NTH) has been working tirelessly to ensure that the quality and safety standards of the items produced and imported in the country are upheld.

The NTH serves consumers, Industries (Heavy,Small scale), Central & State Governments, Public Sector Undertakings, Manufacturing & Construction agencies across Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Non Destructive Test (NDT), Rubber-Paper- Plastic & textile (RPPT) domains of testing.

The NTH is now expanding its testing services for packaged drinking water, e-vehicle battery testing, LED light testing, and solar panel testing to serve a wide range of Government’s initiatives for the welfare of the public. It is assisting the MSME industry and sellers on the GEM portal in giving quality inspected material, whether it is a simple item like a pen or a scientific item like a transformer.

NTH to provide scholarship:

NTH will also award scholarships to deserving Engineering and M.Sc. students. In this regard, each student would receive a grant of Rs. 25,000 per year to do research in the fields of Nanotechnology, electrical short-circuit technology, food safety, and civil engineering vibrations studies of bridges and structures.

Nanomaterial Testing Laboratory:

NTH intends to establish a Nanomaterial Testing Laboratory to help in the assessment of the risks associated with consumer products containing nanomaterial, particularly in cosmetics, electronic consumer goods, and household digital appliances. There is a large market for nano materials projected to be produced and used in consumer electronics, such as cell phones, electrical appliances, microwaves, and so on, which NTH plans to reach in the coming years through quality testing and assurance reporting.

Other testing facilities planned:

A complete food testing laboratory is planned in Kolkata. Besides, a test facility for Transformer’s ability to withstand short circuits at Ghaziabad is also being proposed. Simultaneously, the Department of Consumer Affairs is planning to set up an impulse voltage testing and transformer test facility in Chennai, as well as a test facility for air conditioners in Mumbai, a test facility for toys in Mumbai and Jaipur, and helmet testing to assess strength, safety, and accidental impacts.

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