Friday, January 21, 2022

Yoga-Break at Workplace | Improve Productivity, Reduce Stress

Yoga is a symbol of universal aspiration for health and well being. It is health assurance in zero budget, said PM Modi during the International Conference on Frontiers in Yoga Research and its applications at Bengaluru.

Yoga is a trend that has been flourishing for years; rather this has become a trendsetter in maintaining both physical and mental well-being. Each Yogic activity is a key to improving flexibility, strength, balance and attaining harmony.

To promote healthy living for citizens, the government is extensively encouraging the role of Yoga in the workplace with the help of the Yoga Break App. Recently, celebrating the 75 years of Independence, the Ministry of Ayush has organized a webinar on the utility of the Yoga Break App, which saw the participation of experts and enthusiasts from across the country.

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