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Atmanirbhar Corners to grace 75 missions & embassies around the world

India is celebrating its 75th year of independence. A number of events and activities are planned for the occasion, including new launches and initiatives. The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation (TRIFED) under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, will be setting up Atmanirbhar Corners in 75 missions and embassies around the world to mark India@75.

TRIFED will be setting up the Atmanirbhar Bharat corner in 75 Indian Missions/ Embassies across the world in the next 90 days, a press release from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs read.

The corners will be set up as part of TRIFED’s collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs. TRIFED has been collaborating with different Ministries ahead of India@75 celebrations and to promote vocal for local, and Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative in line with the tribal work.

A corner for GI tagged products

India has a rich legacy of indigenous products, be it handicrafts, handlooms, or any other produce. A Geographical Indication (GI) tag is proof of where the product is born or produced. This product can be natural, agricultural, or manufactured. The use of GI, as an indication of the product’s origin, acts as a certification that the product has exclusive qualities, is made/produced according to traditional methods, or has a good reputation due to its geographical origin.

In the recent past, India has been sending its GI-tagged products/ produce to various countries to promote the export of the product. For instance, three GI-certified varieties of mangoes were sent to Bahrain.

The Atmanirbhar corner will exclusively be used to promote such GI-tagged tribal art and craft products besides natural and organic products from India. Some popular Indian products that have GI-tag include Mysore silk, Madhubani paintings, Jaipur Blue pottery, Goan Fani, Meerut Scissors, Pethapur Printing Blocks, and many more.

Furthermore, TRIFED has shared with the missions and embassies, catalogs, and brochures that showcase the richness and variety of tribal products and is in process of dispatching tribal products for the corner in each of the missions.

First Aatmanirbhar corner inaugurated

The first Atmanirbhar corner was inaugurated at the Indian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand on the occasion of Independence Day. Further, these corners will be set up in 75 countries including Jamaica, Ireland, Turkey, Kenya, Mongolia, Israel, Finland, France, Canada, Singapore, Russia, US, Indonesia, Greece, and Cyprus among others.

In addition to this, TRIFED will also be establishing Atmanirbhar corners in 75 embassies of foreign countries in India.


Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation (TRIFED) was established in August 1987 under the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 1984 by the Government of India as a National level Cooperative body. TRIFED works for the socio-economic development of tribals in the country.

TRIFED is working to promote ‘vocal for local’ and building an Atmanirbhar Bharat and has been emphasizing design and implementation to promote focus It has undertaken several activities while re-dedicating its efforts towards tribal empowerment. Further, it has been working to promote GI-tagged products, tribal products and transform them into a brand, symbolizing empowerment of tribal artisans.

Earlier in the year, during the International Day of Yoga celebrations, TRIFED has put on display unique natural tribal products including immunity boosters, and Ayurvedic products in New York Times Square, which had gathered huge attraction. The stall put up by Tribes India included a range of tribal products, such as millets, rice, spices, honey, chawanprash, amla, ashwagandha powders, herbal teas, and coffee and accessories such as yoga mats, wind flutes, herbal soaps, bamboo aromatic candles, etc.

Similarly, Aadi Mahotsav, organized by it was attended by over 120 diplomats from more than 30 foreign missions in India besides senior officials from the Ministry of External Affairs also visited the Aadi Mahotsav.

As part of India @75 celebrations, various activities are being organized in the countries such as marathon runs, plantation drives, the launch of new apps, webinars, quizzes, film festivals, and more.

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