Tuesday, December 7, 2021

BJP criticizes Rahul Gandhi for tweeting an old photo & describing it as a present one

BJP today criticized Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for tweeting an old photo and describing it as a present one. Speaking to reporters in Delhi, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, whenever there is politics of illusion, of lies, Rahul Gandhi’s hand is there in the country. He said, today, Rahul Gandhi has tweeted the old picture of the farmers’ movement and described it as the present photo.

Mr Patra said, the world’s fastest and largest vaccination campaign is going on in India and the whole world is appreciating it but Rahul Gandhi does not do a single tweet in the context of vaccination.

Mr Patra further said that Rahul Gandhi is well aware that Congress is presidentless, so Congress is unable to raise any issue on the ground and that is the reason he is doing politics through false photos.

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