Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Afghanistan: Taliban expected to announce formation of new government

In Afghanistan, the Taliban is expected to announce the formation of a new government today. According to media reports, the announcement of a new administration could be made after afternoon prayers. Amid the concerns related to women’s rights, some 50 women took to the streets in Herat in a rare defiant protest demanding the right to work and representation in the new government.

Meanwhile, the fight between the Taliban and the opposition forces in Panjshir has intensified. The opposition forces claimed to have killed 350 Taliban fighters and injuring at least 290 others. The Taliban rejected the figures and claimed to have captured the center of the Shutul district in Panjshir along with 11 outposts which were earlier held by opposition forces. It claimed that 34 members of the opposition forces were killed in the ongoing clashes. However, forces loyal to Ahmad Massoud rejected the casualties figures and claimed that the Taliban has suffered heavy casualties.

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