Wednesday, May 18, 2022


More than 70 % eligible beneficiaries vaccinated for first dose of Covid19 vaccine in Gujarat

Gujarat has administered more than 8 lakh doses of Covid19 vaccine yesterday, the highest in a day till now. AIR Ahmedabad correspondent reports that more than 70 percent eligible beneficiaries in the state have been vaccinated for the first dose of Covid19 vaccine.

Gujarat has set two new records in its vaccination drive against the Covid19. First, 8 lakh 1 thousand 175 people have been vaccinated yesterday, which is the highest number of vaccinations in a day so far. Apart from this, the state has administered 1 crore 34 lakh doses of vaccine during the month of August. With this, Gujarat has administered more than 4 crore 62 lakh doses of vaccine till now. Meanwhile, the state reported 12 new cases of Covid19 yesterday. Same number of people have been recovered from Covid19 and discharged from the various hospitals.

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