Friday, January 21, 2022

U.S. ends 20-year war in Afghanistan as final evacuation flight leaves Kabul

The United States has announced it will end its 20-year military mission in Afghanistan after its final military flight left the Afghan capital yesterday. Commander of US Central Command General Kenneth McKenzie informed that the US evacuated 79 thousand people from Kabul, including 6 thousand American citizens, since August 14. The last flight, a large C-17 military transport, took off from Hamid Karzai International Airport just before the clock struck midnight.
Biden has set August 31 as the final deadline for America’s complete withdrawal from Kabul. Biden said that the withdrawal decision was taken based on the unanimous recommendation of the Joint Chiefs and of all US commanders on the ground to end the airlift mission as planned. Biden also paid tribute to 13 American soldiers who lost their lives in the Kabul airport blast last week.
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