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Campus Law Centre, Ethiccraft Club organise International E-Conference on Law and Spirituality 2021

The Campus Law Centre (CLC), Faculty of Law, University of Delhi in collaboration with EthicCraft Club have jointly organised International E-Conference on Law and Spirituality (ICLS) 2021, a virtual conference scheduled to be held on between August 27-29, 2021.

The International E-Conference on Law and Spirituality (ICLS) is an effort to shed light on the intersection of Law & Spirituality. The purpose of the conference is to identify the role and importance of spirituality in making, interpreting and enforcing laws.

The inaugural session (27 August 2021) had a panel of guests which included Arif Mohammed Khan, the Governor Of Kerala as the Chief Guest, Justice Ramesh Chandra Lahoti, the 35th Chief Justice Of India as the Guest of Honour, and Justice Kamlesh Kumar Patel, Magistrate in British Judiciary, Dr. K Parameswaran, Associate Professor of Law, GNLU, Mr. Siva Kumar Rajagopal, Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore, Mr. Rodrigo Lobato, Legal Consultant & Author, Brazil, and Mr. R. Venkataramani, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, as keynote speakers for the session.

The session swirled around an aim to highlight the element of spirituality within the body of law and initiate the discussion and further evolution of this dimension in the legal system. The E-conference had also invited Professors, Researchers, Legal Practitioners, and Students from around the globe to submit their research papers, work and writeups on the theme of the conference.

The session started with the opening address by Dr. Raman Mittal, Professor in charge, Campus Law Centre and patron of the International Conference of Law and Spirituality 2021. Explaining the need to discuss and bring to the fore this unique topic, he said, “Both law and spirituality represent different realms of human enquiry, but their goal is the same and that is – truth. Both these disciplines have much in common. And in both, the end that is sought and it’s the same, that is truth… So this is an opportunity for all of us to participate in the grand process of approaching the multi-dimensionality of truth.”

This was followed by Justice Ramesh Chandra Lahoti’s address who explained how legal system of the country is and can be related to spirituality. Talking about the need of spiritual awareness and its induction in the legal system, he said, “Sadhna is a process of self discipline, self improvement, self transformation and inner ascent by individual efforts… Our constitution is the law of the laws… It can be said that the power exercised by the king now belongs to the constitution. Other than Constitution, it lies with Legislature, Executive and Judiciary… Major part of litigation would come to an end if each of these three wings of governance voluntarily adopt the discipline of imbibing spirituality in the performance of their respective duties.”

In the session, Chief Guest Governor Arif Mohammed Khan’s address was the limelight of the session as he perfectly connected India’s ancient wisdom and present day legal scenario. His speech included teachings of Bhagwad Gita and other scriptures and Vedantas, sayings and beliefs of Swami Vivekanand, learnings from India’s rich cultural heritage and history and a lot more. Defining ‘spirituality’ and explaining how integral it has been for India, the Governor of Kerala said, “Basically the concept of spirituality is that when you are able to free yourself from hatred, attachment, greed, that human desire to dominate on others, that elevates you to the level of Shiva, that is nothing but pure blissful consciousness… When we look at the cultural history of India, then we find that spirituality is the founding virtue of our country… Our thought leaders i.e. ancient rishis chose spirit that is ATMAN as the defining principle.”

The session saw participation of other keynote speakers who elaborated on takeaways for the country from ancient spiritual history, threw light on uncharted dimensions where law and spirituality interact, and established how spirituality can play an unbeatable role in strengthening any legal system, independent of the nature of the process in place.

The event, which talks in length about how spirituality in law can set the stone rolling for further development in field, has its valedictory session scheduled to be held on 29 August 2021.


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