Friday, January 28, 2022

Rankings of top AIR Streams in India

In the latest Rankings of top cities in India where All India Radio Live-streams on NewsOnAir App are most popular, Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Jaipur have gained in the rankings. In major changes in rankings of top AIR Streams in India, AIR Kodaikanal has slipped to its previous 10th position after having risen to the 8th spot last fortnight. AIR Kochi FM Rainbow and FM Rainbow Delhi have both moved up a notch.

In ranking of Cities for top AIR streams, Rainbow Kannada Kaamanbilu is quite popular in Pune and Mumbai, while FM Gold Delhi has significant following in Bengaluru, Machhagan, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

More than 240 Radio Services of All India Radio are live-streamed on NewsOnAir App. App. These All India Radio Streams on NewsOnAir App have a large number of listeners not just in India, but globally, in more than 85 countries and 8000 cities across the globe.


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