Monday, January 24, 2022

National Monetisation Pipeline to usher High Economic Growth

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on 24 August announced a ₹6 lakh crore National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP) that will look to unlock value in infrastructure assets across various sectors.

India’s National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) envisages an infrastructure investment of Rs 111 lakh crore over the five-year period from 2020-25. Financing of infrastructure investments at such a scale necessitates a re-imagined approach and tapping alternative financing through innovative ways.

Key Objectives of NMP are:

1. Serve as a medium-term roadmap for the line ministries and agencies

2.Provide medium-term visibility to investors on infrastructure assets pipeline

3. Provide a platform for ministries to track asset performance; and

4. Bring in greater efficiency and transparency in public assets management

The end objective of this initiative is to enable “infrastructure creation through monetisation” wherein the public and private sector collaborate, each excelling in their core areas of competence, so as to deliver socio-economic growth and quality of life to the country’s citizens


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