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Watch: PM Modi chairs high-level UNSC debate on Maritime Security

Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a high-level open debate on ‘Enhancing Maritime Security – A Case for International Cooperation’ today at United Nations Security Council (UNSC), via video conferencing on 9 August 2021. This debate makes PM Modi the first Indian Prime Minister to have chaired a United Nations Security Council open debate.

About the event

The open debate focused on ways to effectively counter maritime crime and insecurity, and strengthening coordination in the maritime domain.

Click on the link below to watch PM Modi chairing the high-level UNSC debate on maritime security – 

Key highlights of the event:

PM proposed five basic principles for enhancing maritime security during an open debate on the matter by United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on the matter.

The 5 principles explained by PM Modi are as follows –

  1. Firstly, we should remove barriers from legitimate maritime trade. The prosperity of all of us is dependent on the active flow of maritime trade. The bottlenecks in this can be a challenge for the entire global economy: PM Modi
  2. Second principle is that the settlement of maritime disputes should be peaceful and on the basis of international law only. This is very important for mutual trust and confidence. This is the only way we can ensure global peace and stability: PM Modi
  3. 3rd principle is that we should face natural disasters & maritime threats created by non-state actors together. India has taken several steps to enhance regional cooperation on this.We have been the first responder in cyclone, tsunami & pollution related maritime disasters: PM Modi
  4. The 4th principle is that we have to preserve the maritime environment and maritime resources. As we know, the oceans have a direct impact on the climate. And therefore, we have to keep our maritime environment free from pollution like plastics and oil spills: PM  Modi
  5. The Fifth Principle is that we should encourage responsible maritime connectivity: PM Modi

Significance of the event

The UNSC council has discussed and passed resolutions on different aspects of maritime security and maritime crime. But, it is happening for the first time that maritime security will be discussed in a holistic manner as an exclusive agenda item in such a high-level open debate.

“Given that no country alone can address the diverse aspects of maritime security, it is important to consider this subject in a holistic manner in the United Nations Security Council. A comprehensive approach to Maritime Security should protect and support legitimate maritime activities while countering traditional and non-traditional threats in the maritime domain,” the Ministry of External Affairs had said.


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