Thursday, January 27, 2022

TOPS, Khelo India & more – Govt. Initiatives to help Indian Athletes achieve their Dreams

First Indian Olympic Fencer Bhavani Devi appreciated PM Modi’s encouraging words that “Wins and losses are a part of life.”

Bhavani Devi won the First Match 15 over 3 against Nadia Azizi and become the First Indian Fencing Player to win a Match at Olympic but then lost the 2nd Match 7 over 15 against world top 3 player Manon Brunet.

Bhavani Devi posted online that “I did my level best but couldn’t win, I am sorry” To this, Prime Minister Modi replied and said, “You gave your best and that is all that counts.”

The interaction vividly shows a connection between the government with its national athletes, a relationship that inspires our sportspersons to do their best for the country!

Athlete’s grit combined with Govt’s initiatives makes their dreams come true. Government’s efforts open greater boundaries for athletes to enhance their capabilities and enable them for the toughest of challenges.

Case point, as per some media reports – Ministry of sports prior to Olympics sent Tokyo 2020 Silver Medalist Mirabai Chanu to train in USA, in lieu of restrictions back home due to COVID-19.

Let’s go over some Government Initiatives that have helped Indian Athletes over the recent years;


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