Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Citizens’ forum urges retired civil servants to refrain from putting Indian democracy, its institutions in poor light                                  

A forum of concerned citizens from various walks of life has urged retired civil servants to refrain from putting the Indian democracy, its institutions, and persons legitimately holding high offices in poor light by making ill-considered public statements.

In an open letter, the forum including people from Judiciary, Civil and Police services, Armed Forces, Academia, Professionals and other intellectuals said that this politically motivated pressure-group does not represent thousands of former Civil Servants and other nationalist intellectuals who believe in India emerging as the greatest democracy of the world. They said the recent statement containing its allegations against Uttar Pradesh government under the garb of protecting the Constitution is an irresponsible statement.

The Concerned Citizens Forum said rather than pursuing a covert agenda through a false narrative, civil servants should be seen as persons of intellectual integrity, objectivity and fairness, of grace and dignity.



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