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LIVE from Puri – Return Car Festival of Lord Jagannath | Rath Yatra – 20th July 2021

The Prasar Bharati network brings you the live coverage of the Return Car Festival of Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra from Puri, Odisha in Hindi and English.

About Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra :

Lord Jagannath’s Puri Rath Yatra is one of the most revered & much-awaited festivals for devotees from Odisha and across India. The festival holds immense spiritual significance for the participants.

The Jagannath Yatra marks the annual journey of Lord Jagannath and his siblings Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra and Devi Gundicha in chariots drawn by devotees.

The Bahuda Yatra :

Lord Jagannatha, after resting for eight days in Gundicha temple, returns to his main abode. This day is known as Bahuda Yatra or Return Yatra. It is observed on the eighth day after Ratha Yatra on Dashami Tithi.

Return Car Festival of Lord Jagannath – Digital Coverage on Prasar Bharati network:

The Return Car Festival of Lord Jagannath, Rath Yatra is live on the Prasar Bharati network from morning 6:00 am, you can watch the live telecast on DD National YouTube:

 Live-stream link

This is the second consecutive year that the Rath Yatra in Puri is being held without general devotees due to the prevailing pandemic. Heavy security arrangements are in place to ensure the smooth conduct of the event.

As the day comes for Bahuda Yatra (return car festival) on July 20, Prasar Bharati network brings all the festive fervour, right from Odisha, to your doorstep.


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