Friday, January 21, 2022

Centre says, mass reduction of COVID-19 cases observed in number of districts reporting higher cases; Cautions to be vigilant to ensure 3rd wave doesn’t enter India

The Union Government today said that there is a mass reduction of COVID-19 cases in terms of number of districts that are reporting higher cases. Briefing media in New Delhi, Joint Secretary of Health and Family Welfare Ministry Lav Agarwal said, till the 4th of May, there were 531 districts in the country which were reporting over 100 cases daily, now the number has come down to 73 districts. He said, the spread of infection concentrated in the limited geographic territory and the infection is now spreading in a localized manner.

Mr Agarwal said, a further surge in COVID-19 cases is being reported across major states in North-Eastern region. These states are Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh.

Lav Agarwal said, the government is taking concerted efforts to manage the evolving situation in the country. He said, Central teams have been deputed in 11 states so that they can help the State Government in COVID management.

Meanwhile, NITI Aayog Member, Dr. V.K. Paul has said that it is time for being very vigilant. He said that a third wave can be seen in some parts of the world. He said that together we all have to ensure that the third wave does not come in India.

Dr. Paul also highlighted what Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said today. He said that the discussion should be on how to stop the third wave instead of when would the third wave come. He said that the third wave would not come on its own but depends on us. Dr. Paul underlined Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message that Do Gaz Ki Doori, mask and vaccination can defeat the virus and save us from it.

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