Thursday, May 26, 2022


National Education Policy to be implemented in its entirety in Karnataka by 2030

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister and Higher Education Minister Dr. Ashwatha Narayana has stated that the National Education Policy will be implemented in its entirety by 2030. He was speaking at Dharwad Karnataka University today.

Saying that the process has begun to implement the policy in stages, the Minister informed that the Central Government has given 15 years to implement the policy, but Karnataka is planning to achieve it within 10 years. He hoped that the New Education Policy once implemented across the country, will usher in revolutionary transformation in the education sector by 2040.

The new policy, he added, encourages use of technology for learning and the state has already gone ahead in implementing Digital learning and teaching methodology. He said, Subject Experts are designated in the state to suggest the curriculum according to the policy norms and once the report is received the government will go ahead in implementing them.

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