Thursday, May 26, 2022


Jordanian court sentences 2 former officials to 15 years in jail, over palace coup attempt

A Jordanian court sentenced two former officials to 15 years in jail today, over a palace coup attempt that sparked a crisis in a kingdom seen as a regional oasis of stability.

Former Royal Court Chief Bassem Awadallah and an ex-envoy to Saudi Arabia Sharif Hassan bin Zaid had been convicted of conspiring to topple King Abdullah-II in favour of his half-brother Prince Hamzah.

The former Crown Prince himself was not on trial. But, the 13-page charge sheet said Hamzah, was determined to fulfill his personal ambition to rule, in violation of the Hashemite constitution and customs.

Journalists at a makeshift Media Centre outside the State Security Court, a military tribunal that also includes civilian judges, were later shown short videos of the ruling being issued. The men’s lawyers said, they would appeal.

The unprecedented palace crisis erupted in April. Eighteen suspects were arrested after authorities announced they had foiled a bid to destabilise the pro-Western kingdom, but 16 were later released.

The trial was held behind closed doors in the capital Amman.

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