Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Olympic Series: Neha Goyal prepares to show her magic in hockey at Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics are just a few days away, the athletes are busy with the final stages of their preparation. Today in the Olympic series of All India News, we talk about Neha Goyal, a member of the women’s hockey team.

Born on 15th November 1996 at Sonipat, Haryana, Neha Goel, is a member of the country’s women’s hockey team, Neha is prepared to show her magic in hockey at Tokyo.

Midfielder Neha became a part of the senior team in 2014 and participated in the FIH Championship in Glasgow. Neha was a part of 2018 World Cup, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games. Neha spent her life in extreme deprivation but her perseverance and the desire to do something brought her to the field of hockey. In the Mann Ki Baat program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while referring to Neha, said that many people get inspiration from her life because she persisted even in the absence of resources. In a conversation with All India Radio News, Neha said she was very happy when Prime Minister Modi mentioned her in the Mann Ki Baat program on All India Radio.

Neha said that this is her first Olympics and she is very excited about the games.

Neha said that she is playing in the Olympics to make her country proud.

Neha mentioned it is an emotional moment for her when the country’s flag is at the top.

Neha says that she is an ardent listener of AIR news. She says, she is well prepared for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

Neha along with the entire hockey team is ready to show her strength in the Tokyo Olympics and the country’s best wishes are with her.

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