Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Rail Cargo movement between India and Nepal gets big boost

Rail Cargo movement between India and Nepal today gets a big boost. The Railways Ministry said, Cargoes in all categories of wagons that can carry freight on Indian Railways network within India can also now carry freight to and from Nepal. This liberalization will allow market forces to come up in the rail freight segment in Nepal and is likely to increase efficiency and cost- competitiveness, eventually benefiting the Nepalese consumer.

These cargo train Operators include public and private container trains Operators, automobile freight train operators, special freight train operators or any other operator authorized by Indian Railways. The Ministry said, the liberalization will particularly reduce transportation costs for automobiles and certain other products whose carriage takes place in special wagons.

India and Nepal had signed a Letter of Exchange, LoE to the India-Nepal Rail Services Agreement 2004 on 28th June this year. It comes into effect from today after the formal exchange of signed copies of LoE. The Ministry said, the signing of this Letter of Exchange marks another milestone in India’s efforts to enhance regional connectivity under the Neighbourhood First policy. It said, the wagons owned by Nepal Railway Company will also be authorized to carry Nepal-bound freight over the Indian Railways network.

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