Saturday, May 21, 2022


PM Modi reviews ramping up of oxygen supply across the Country

PM Narendra Modi reviewed the progress of oxygen augmentation and availability across the country today.
Officials updated the PM on the status of PSA Oxygen plant installation around the country. Around 1,500 PSA Oxygen plants across the country will be set up with contributions from PM CARES as well as various Ministries & PSUs.

PSA Oxygen plants under PM CARES are being set up in various states and districts, and once operational, it will support more than 4 lakh oxygenated beds.

The PM instructed the officials to ensure that these plants are made functional at the earliest and to work closely with the state governments for the same. Officers informed the PM that they are in regular touch with officers from state governments regarding fast-tracking the oxygen plants.

Ensure adequate training of hospital staff

PM Modi directed officials to ensure that there should be adequate training of hospital staff on the operation and maintenance of oxygen plants. He also told officials to ensure that every district should have trained personnel available. Officials informed him that a training programme had been devised by experts and that roughly 8,000 individuals would be trained across the country.

Deploy advanced technology to track performance

He further stated that modern technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) should be used to track the performance and operation of these oxygen plants at a local and national level. Officials informed the PM of a pilot project that uses IoT to track and monitor the performance of oxygen plants.

What is Pressure Swing Adsorption technology?

Pressure Swing Adsorption technology is simply used to separate gases like Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen from ambient air. The technology uses certain gases under high pressure that tend to get attracted to solid surfaces or absorbent materials like zeolites, activated carbon, and molecular sieves.

How do Oxygen PSA Generators work?

Air contains 78% nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 0.9 % argon, and 0.1% other trace gases. Through a technique known as Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), an Oxygen Generator extracts this oxygen from compressed air. Synthetic Zeolite Molecular Sieve mostly absorbs nitrogen and is used in the Pressure Swing Adsorption process for generating the enriched oxygen gas from ambient air.

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