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Only Indian female javelin thrower and national award holder Anu Rani gears up to participate in Olympics

In the Special Olympic series, All India Radio today talks about Anu Rani, the only Indian female javelin thrower athlete to participate in the Olympics and currently holds a national record.

Anu Rani is the only Indian female athlete to represent India at the javelin throw event at the Olympics. Anu made a new record in the 2019 National Championship by throwing 62.34 meters javelin. Anu broke her own national record four times.

Born on August 28th in 1992 at Bahadurpur, Uttar Pradesh, Anu belongs to a family of farmers. When she threw the ball easily from a distance in a cricket match being played with the family in her childhood, her brother recognized the potential of her arms. He started the practice by making a bamboo spear.

But when she wanted to take the sport seriously, her father did not agree. Anu kept persuading her father.

Anu Rani used to throw javelin up to 25 meters in competitions during school. Seeing her interest in the sport, the family decided to support her. Anu decided to train under former Indian player Kashinath Naik in javelin throw to improve her techniques. In the 2014 National Inter-State Championships, Anu Rani won the gold medal and also made a 14-year-old national record. With this she qualified for the Commonwealth Games.

In the same year, she won a bronze medal at the Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, and two years later broke her own record by throwing the javelin for the first time at the 2016 National Athletics Championships. Anu Rani won a bronze medal in the 2017 Asian Athletics Championships held in Bhubaneswar. Anu Rani also won a silver medal at the 2019 Asian Athletics Championships, Doha. With this performance, she qualified for the World Athletics Championships, thus becoming the first female javelin thrower to do so. In the same year I.I.A. held in the Czech Republic. F. SHe also won a bronze medal in the Athletics Challenge. Anu Rani was honored with the Sports Star and Sportswoman of the Year Award in Athletics in 2020.

Now all eyes will be on Anu Rani, the only female player in the women’s category in the javelin throw competition. India hopes that she will give her best performance and ensure a medal for the country.

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