Thursday, January 27, 2022

Many parts of China hit by floods and mudslides after a round of torrential rains hit country

Many parts of China have been hit by floods and mudslides after a round of torrential rains hit the country. The downpour that started in early July 2021 triggered floods and mudslides in eastern and southern China. As per media reports, a huge mudslide damaged more than hundred homes and killed livestock in southwestern Sichuan province. More than 1,000 residents were evacuated.

In Anhui province, the heavy downpour caused rivers to burst their banks, flooding farmland and villages. In Hunan province, village homes were submerged by flooding from nearby rivers. Stranded residents had to be rescued from their flooded homes. The country’s northeast region has also seen frequent rains this year, resulting in floods in the basins of the Heilongjiang and Nenjiang rivers.

China has been on high alert after severe flooding hit the region in the summer of 2020. More than 37 million people were affected with an estimated loss of USD 12.3 billion. Rescue drills were carried out ahead of the 2021 rainy season. Heavy rainfall is common during the summer and stormy conditions are likely to continue till August. In May and June this year, heavy rainfall across China has caused at least 21 rivers to flood.

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