Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Emvolio – ensuring safe last-mile delivery of vaccines to rural India

Blackfrog Technologies, a startup supported by DBT-BIRAC has developed Emvolio, a portable battery-powered medical-grade refrigeration device that improves the efficiency of the immunization.

This device strictly maintains preset temperature for up to 12 hours, enabling the safe and efficient transportation of vaccines to the last mile.

Emvolio – Efficiency & Need

Emvólio has a 2-litre capacity that enables it to carry 30-50 vials which accounts for a standard number of vaccines required for a daylong immunization campaign.

The device also has the features of continuous temperature monitoring, location tracking, state-of-charge indication, communication with headquarters via live tracking, and vital statistics for improved coverage.

Emvolio, in addition to vaccines, is also being used for the delivery of all other biologicals like blood, serums, and viral culture, since it has the ability to strictly maintain the temperature between 2°C and 8°C for up to 12 hours in the field.

This innovation solves the current challenge of last-mile vaccine delivery replacing iceboxes, which have no mechanism for temperature control and regulation.

The absence of temperature control and regulation in iceboxes also poses the risk of accidental freezing and thawing, rendering the temperature-sensitive vaccines inefficacious.

Emvolio – Support & Development pouring in

Blackfrog Technologies recently received CSR support for the cold chain supply of vaccines from the H T Parekh Foundation which will now provide help with the cost of manufacturing and dissemination of about 100 Emvólio units.

In addition to this, the startup has received grants from BIRAC under SEED fund, BIG for the development of a proof-of-concept, BIPP for developing an end-to-end vaccine traceability system and has also gained support from BioNEST incubators.

Currently, Emvolio is being deployed across North-East India with necessary clearance from the National Health Mission.

To date, Blackfrog has sold more than 200 vaccines carriers across 5 states in India for safe last-mile delivery of vaccines.

This portable medical-grade refrigeration system will solve the problem of maintaining efficient storage & transportation of vaccines all across India, but most importantly will bring big relief to rural areas.

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