Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Delimitation : Redrawing Boundaries | Detailed Analyses

India, being the largest democracy in the world is known for its thriving and vibrant identity. Founded by a great constitution, it has been nurtured by parliament, judiciary and above all by the people of India.

To ensure a fair democratic process, various challenging yet rewarding measures have been implemented in the nation. One such important democratic exercise is delimitation, which is practised as per the provisions mentioned under Delimitation Act.

In the first place, let’s understand what exactly is delimitation?

Delimitation is the act of redrawing boundaries of an Assembly or Lok Sabha seat. The process involves dividing the total area into smaller units so that the elections could be conducted smoothly and efficiently. The aim is to redraw the boundaries in a manner that there is equal distribution of population throughout the State. The process may also result in altering the number of seats allocated to the states and union territories in the Lok Sabha as well as the Legislative Assembly.

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