Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry asks states, UTs to examine requirement & setting up of PSA to fulfill demands of oxygen in hospitals

The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry has asked the States and Union Territories to examine the norms for local requirement and setting up of Pressure Swing Adsorption to fulfill demands of oxygen in the hospitals.

In a letter written to the Chief Secretaries and Administrator of States and Union Territories, Secretary of Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry, Rajesh Bhusan has said, one thousand 452 PSA plants are being installed by the Government of India. He said, States and Union Territories are also setting up PSA plants with their own resources. He added that setting up of PSA plants is important to make the health facilities self sufficient in medical oxygen.

AIR correspondent reports that the Government has examined the issue of establishment of PSA plants and Liquid Medical Storage tanks in health facilities having more than 30 beds and developed indicative norms. These norms will be useful for the States and Union Territories in estimating the requirements in the health facilities.

The Union Health Ministry has said, PSA plants should be mainstay in the health facilities of all States and Union Territories including the North Eastern States. In other States, PSA plants can be prioritized in those health facilities which have a bed capacities of 30 to 120 beds. The Ministry has said, installation of LMO tanks along with at least one PSA plant may be preferred for the bigger hospitals having capacity more than 120 beds.

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