Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Bangladesh remains shutdown on day 4 of strict COVID lockdown

Bangladesh remained shut down on the fourth day of the countrywide strict lockdown which started on July 1 to contain the spiralling COVID 19 infection in the country.


Very few vehicles were seen on the roads in the capital city Dhaka on Sunday. Shops were also closed except those which sold items of daily use and medicines. People did not venture out of their homes. Police, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and armed forces kept vigil in the city to enforce the lockdown.

More than 1900 people have been detained in Dhaka over the last 4 days for violating the lockdown provisions. The police and special magistrates are imposing fines on people coming out of their homes without any convincing reasons.

In other parts of the country also, strict lockdown is being implemented by the local administration with support from the police and armed forces. Cities like Rajshahi, Khulna, Pabna, Noakhali, Patuakhali and Bhola among others reported strict observance of the lockdown.

In Bhola so far more than 650 people have been fined and 15 people detained for violating the lockdown in the town. Police, Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB), Navy and RAB are patrolling the town to ensure strict restrictions. In other cities and towns also police and armed forces are imposing fines on people and detaining a few for violating the lockdown provisions.

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