Friday, January 28, 2022

Farmer from Maharashtra’s Akola district expected to earn around Rs one crore by selling seeds of Soyabean

In Maharashtra, a farmer from Akola district is expected to earn around one crore rupees by selling seeds of Soyabean. Out of which around 50 lakh rupees will be his profit. Farmer Mohan Deshmukh has 100 acre farms in Titwi village of Barshi Takli Taluka of the district. Last year, he produced one thousand quintals of soyabean.

District Agriculture Officers advised him to sell this as seeds. Till date, he has sold 700 quintals in 84 lakhs and from the balance 300 quintals, he is expected to earn 20 lakh rupees. Soyabean seeds are available at 160 rupees per kilogram in market, but Mr Deshmukh sold it at 120 rupees to the farmers. He sold it at a subsidised rate of 90 rupees per kilogram to poor farmers.

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