Monday, January 17, 2022

Coal India forges ahead to offset carbon emission and become energy efficient

Coal India Limited (CIL) has laid special thrust on energy efficiency measures and is going ahead with a series of measures to offset the carbon emissions in mining operations in all its coal-producing companies. Apart from taking immediate action for efficient use of energy, CIL has also drawn up an ambitious 5-year plan of carbon offset in various areas of its operations.

According to the Ministry of Coal, coal companies have several areas to implement energy efficiency measures such as colonies, buildings, offices, industrial establishments etc. apart from efficient power supply management. However, a major reduction in carbon emissions comes from various mining activities such as Heavy Earth Moving Machines (HEMM), Transportation, Ventilation, Pumping etc. With the help of its subsidiaries, CIL has been taking various energy conservation and efficiency measures over the years and is now moving ahead with an emphasis on responsible activities for causing more environmental pollution.

Measures to offset carbon emission

HEMM replaces diesel and LNG

The Ministry highlighted that the major thrust on diesel consumption with LNG is to replace the vast fleet of HEMM equipment being run by CIL either departmentally or contractually. This will be a breakthrough in not only cutting costs but also reducing carbon emissions.

Monitoring of dumper and engine

In collaboration with Cummins, the performance of the dumper and engine will be monitored and studied throughout the pilot period. One of the pilot projects at Mahanadi Coalfields Limited’s Bharatpur opencast mine in Odisha will be completed by the end of this year. A comprehensive model is being developed to convert most of the heavy vehicles to LNG in the coming years.

1,500 e-vehicles in next five years

The introduction of around 1500 e-vehicles across all mining areas of CIL will be another significant growth in the next five years. Around 200 e-vehicles alone will be operational by the end of this year.

1,700 energy-efficient motors for mining operations

Notably, water pumping in both opencast and underground mines is done on a large scale through orthodox equipment resulting in higher energy consumption. CIL will introduce around 1700 energy-efficient motors for pumps in all its mining operations.

ACs, LED lights, Fans to be replace

In its various installations, CIL will replace around 5000 conventional ACs and other equipment with energy-efficient star-rated equipment. Similarly, to save energy, about 2.5 lakh LED lights will be installed in place of traditional lights. Over 1 lakh energy efficient super fans will be used in offices by replacing the old ones. To save energy in the colonies, about 2200 street lights will be installed on auto timer.

On implementation of the above-mentioned energy efficiency measures, CIL envisages creating about 2.5 lakh tonnes of carbon offset in the next five years. With active implementation on all the above fronts, CIL is committed to achieving more than 60,000 tonnes of carbon offset by the end of this year which will be a breakthrough.

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