Thursday, December 2, 2021

Chhattisgarh’s Renganar village achieve 100% vaccination

India has so far administered 27.4 Cr doses of the vaccine to its citizens.
Further, with the revised guidelines for Covid vaccination, India is expected to administer 1.25 crore doses of the Covid-19 vaccine every day, according to Dr. N. K. Arora, Chairperson, NTAGI.

However, India is a vast country with distinct geographical topographies. Each of India’s states/UTs, districts has its own unique way of life and challenges, that comes along. Thus, the challenge to vaccinate people living in such remote areas of the countries is much more grave than what meets the eye!

Why is the Renganar village a shining beacon of hope for the people of Chattisgarh?

A remote village in Chhattisgarh, ‘Renganar’ has emerged as a shining beacon of hope for the entire state, as it took its first successful step in taming the spread of the virus.

Located 351 km away from the capital city of Raipur, Renganar is a village in the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh. Recently, the village made it to the headlines for achieving 100% vaccination of its adult population. Renganar is the first village in Chhattisgarh to achieve this feat.

What ushered this achievement?

It is not a single defining event or an act that can sum up the rationale behind this success. It is a cumulation of the tireless efforts of the health workers and the Covid Awareness Team (Jagrukta Dal) that resulted in the vaccination of 294 people(100%), living in the village.

The Renganar village, engulfed in the forested, mineral-rich Bastar division of Chhattisgarh has a stronghold of tribals who make approximately 70 percent of the total population.

Unlike urban areas, the access to the internet is uneven in Renganar, thus the vaccination drive was conducted in the village in a rather unique and unconventional manner.

Initially, the district administration organized many vaccination drives in Kuakonda for the villagers. But, people were apprehensive and did not come forward for vaccination.

Thus, under the direction and guidance of the Collector of Dantewada, a ‘Jagrukta Dal’ was formed. The Jagrukta Dal, along with the teachers, eminent persons from the village, health workers, and those who have been already vaccinated played a vital in busting vaccine-related myths and encouraging people to get their jabs.

On the first day, post jagrukta drive, 125 villagers got vaccinated. Even the physically challenged people participated enthusiastically in the drive to get vaccinated.

By the last day, when the district team reached the area to inspect the progress of vaccination in Renganar, they learnt that only the people suffering from serious ailments had not yet taken the shots. Thereafter, they were counseled, and eventually, they too got vaccinated.

Dr. Girish Chandra Sharma, Chief Medical Health Officer, Dantewada in an interview with PBNS, said, “the biggest challenge in the way of vaccination was the apprehension of people who were scared of getting vaccinated due misinformation and disinformation. However, with everyone’s combined efforts and support, 100% vaccination could be achieved in the village.”

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