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India’s Digital Vision: Prasar Bharati establishes 100% e-offices across the country

In a remarkable feat, Prasar Bharati, India’s public broadcaster, has taken a big step towards Digital India with the implementation of 100% e-office in its 596 offices across the country.

Prasar Bharati offices are located pan India, functioning in different languages with over 30,000 employees under its aegis.

The efforts to make these many offices go digital stems from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Digital India, wherein the national public broadcaster has successfully established digital and paperless workplaces within a span of 5 years.

The vision of implementing e-Offices at Prasar Bharati is to achieve a simplified, responsive, effective and transparent working set with the aim of Digital first.

The Continued Journey of Prasar Bharati Digitization

Digitisation of Prasar Bharati began in 2017 and picked pace in 2019, continuing even as the nation was halted by the COVID19 pandemic. Currently, all the existing establishments, as well as the new ones, are working digitally as e-offices pan-India.

With no physical movement of files, Prasar Bharati has processed around 9,98,594 e-files till date with an average of moving 1,21,793 e-files per month. Some 44,041 e-files have been created so far wherein on average 4,602 files are created every month.

The achievement of 100% e-offices is an important development towards creating a Digital backdrop of the national broadcaster. With this, Prasar Bharati has been able to expand and deliver a plethora of diverse services to citizens of India in terms of e-education, e-health, the right information and dissemination of authentic news at all times.

Prasar Bharati’s steps towards digitalization through the mode of e-offices not only symbolizes the vision of Digital India but has also secured a safe working environment for all its employees.

Prasar Bharti e-offices: Through Pandemic & Beyond

PM Modi’s dream of Digital India is being effectuated by Prasar Bharati through 100% e-offices given the diverse geographical spectrum of such a massive public broadcaster that continues to deliver authentic news to the citizen of India.

It is with such unrelenting efforts that the national broadcaster continues to take up new challenges and overcome them all while keeping the avenues open for future developments.

The vision is to move forward by expanding the present digital structure and be ready to push beyond unforeseen circumstances like that of the COVID-19 pandemic or any other.

The continuum of Prasar Bharati e-offices at many locations across the diverse spectrum of India will ensure the delivery of authentic, right, relevant news/information to each and every citizen of the country.

Authentic News on Air: Safety, Information and much more

As the pandemic was hitting, the e-offices kept the work going, keeping in mind the safety of 30,000+ employees at the time of the COVID-19 crisis across the country.

Prasar Bharati, unfortunately, lost many of its employees to the pandemic and even faced a staff crunch every now then throughout the year as people would fall sick and get quarantined for two to three weeks.

But, the right intervention of implementing 100% e-offices has significantly resulted in greater security of all staff, keeping the lives lost at a minimum and ensuring that the safety of employees is at top of all priorities.

Despite all the hurdles, the complete digitalization of approx 596 offices enabled the Work from Home set up in the massive structure of Prasar Bharati organisation wherein employees were able to deliver their duties safely and without bearing the brunt of pandemic hazards.

Preventing the Infodemic, Upholding the Right Information

Through its consistent efforts, India’s Public Broadcaster kept the flow of the right information and authentic news going without failure.
This was possible with the fluent working of e-offices, at the time when the nation needed it the most.

Not only this, various channels and news handle under Prasar Bharati took up the role to disseminate factual and authentic information by initiating programmes that directly interacted with viewers when there was a restriction of movement for people under nationwide lockdown.

Doctor’s Speak, one such Special Broadcast started by DD News, has initiated a platform to connect with viewers while enlightening them with appropriate information regarding COVID-19.
It telecasts a Panel show of Doctors who answer queries, bust myths and doubts on COVID19.

The show also displays measures taken by the central government to fight the coronavirus. Moreover, useful data regarding Covid-19 is also constantly displayed in the special broadcast.

In the form of special a Special COVID-19 Composite News Bulletins, Prasar Bharati also began a Bioquest programme which comes with regular Scientific Developments and Fact Checks regarding the history of pandemics, ongoing and upcoming researches regarding COVID-19.

In fact, Special promos and informatory bytes on national campaigns like ‘Mask up India Campaign’ have been regularly circulated on various platforms of Prasar Bharati like DD News and DD India that are aimed towards instilling behavioural change in citizens.

Moreover, Prasar Bharati news handles responsibly initiated a drive to tackle fake news, especially amidst the COVID-19 spread when people were easily falling into the trap of misinformation.

From social media handles to many channels of Prasar Bharati, the organisation has consistently brought varied amounts of Testimonials, Mythbusters, Fake News Alerts, and Fact Check initiatives to keep the public informed and the nation on the right track.

New Age Learning: When Pandemic couldn’t halt Education

Prasar Bharati has been hailed across the world for its resourceful endeavour to disseminate education among the masses, particularly students, amidst the pandemic and nationwide lockdown when students were confined to homes and the school atmosphere was missing from their lives.

In fact, Public Broadcasters of India and Thailand were appreciated widely for their work of disseminating good content on the education sector, which is an integral part of the development of any nation.

In India, 72 YouTube channels, under the emblem of Prasar Bharati have uploaded a variety of Educational content.

Among these, DD Yadgiri tops the list with around 2,500 video uploads. These videos add to over 40 lakh seconds and the DD Yadgiri Telangana channel has around 1.2 crore views for these educational contents.
Doordarshan Shahyadri, Girnar, Uttar Pradesh, DD News are some of the other prominent channels that have taken up the charge to keep the Educational content going for the general public.

The total number of such educational content videos on YouTube across all 72 channels of Prasar Bharati is numbered roughly around 6,000 and garner close to 2 crore views.

This initiative by Prasar Bharati will go a long way in achieving the Government’s goal of providing education to all especially during the time COVID-19 pandemic when institutions are mainly moving towards online education.


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