Thursday, January 20, 2022

ICMR approves SENSIT Rapid COVID-19 Ag kit, to give results in 15 minutes

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on Saturday, June 19, approved SENSIT Rapid COVID-19 Ag kit, a Covid-19 detection kit. The kit gives the test result in a span of 15 minutes.

About SENSIT Rapid COVID-19 Ag kit

SENSIT Rapid COVID-19 Ag kit’ is a Covid-19 detection kit developed by Ubio Biotechnology Systems Pvt. Ltd under the support of DBT-BIRAC (Department of Biotechnology- Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council), under the aegis of Covid-19 Research Consortium.

Test results

The kit can be used for the qualitative detection of SARS CoV-2 Nucleocapsid Protein with an assay time of 15 minutes. Further, the sample is collected using nasopharyngeal swabs from the suspected individual. It is a chromatographic immunoassay kit and allows the healthcare personnel to visually read the test result.

The test works on the principle of sandwich immunoassay and utilizes a pair of monoclonal antibodies which when bound to COVID-19 specific antigen, results in the appearance of a coloured line. The kit exhibits sensitivity and specificity of 86% and 100%, respectively.

Furthermore, the kit has a shelf life of 24 months. SENSIT Rapid COVID-19 Ag Kit has been successfully commercialized.

Boost to biotechnology ecosystem in India

The kit will give a boost to the biotechnology ecosystem in India. At present, the quick testing procedure involves antigen testing which provides the result for hundreds of samples within a short period of time. Further, tests by the SENSIT Rapid COVID-19 Ag Kit will allow healthcare professionals to detect infected individuals quickly, save their time and allow them to provide better advice and treatment to the infected individual.

About DBT

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), under the Ministry of Science and Technology, promotes the growth and application of biotechnology in agriculture, healthcare, animal sciences, the environment, and industry in India.

Department of Biotechnology (DBT) has collaborated with Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) to seek new innovative approaches to transform the public healthcare system. DBT-BIRAC is working towards the development of new antibiotics and the development of alternatives to antibiotics.

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