Monday, January 17, 2022

Success story of Council Model Schools in Ladakh

Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh has adopted village schools in some blocks to develop as a model for quality education at village level. These Council Model Schools have now turned into a popular demand of other villages to strengthen their school as well as quality education.

The success of the Council Model School project at Middle level schools in Kharu , Saspol and Leh Blocks has become an inspiration for other villages and neighbouring district Kargil for replication. In Council Model School through Village Education Committee villagers run the school under the supervision of the headmaster. Introduction of CBSE text books, extra co-curricular activities and innovative ideas are working wonders for the children to grow in their own surroundings of the village. Transport facilities and modification of school uniforms have been another attraction for parents to choose these model schools instead of private schools.

It has also boosted the faith in the government run schools in their villages among the parents. It was introduced by former Chief Executive Councilor of Hill Council Dr Sonam Dawa five years ago.

There are five schools that are inspiring the rest of the villages in Ladakh. The Council Model School has helped the students in getting quality education and increasing the enrollment in government schools . Recognising his notable contribution in making the success of council model, Head Master Sakti Council Model School Mr Sonam Gyalson has been awarded as National Best teacher For 2019.

The national best teacher awardee Sonam Gyalson narrates the success and the popularity of council model school among the villagers with AIR news Leh.

The demand for replication of model schools has increased in Ladakh. Eversince, Sonam Gyalson received a national Award , he is receiving invitations from other villages to know the success of the model school concept.

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