Thursday, January 20, 2022

People in Ladakh’s Changthang defeating all odds to grow agro forestry

In Cold Arid region Ladakh, Agro forestry is the buzz word. In every spring season, mass plantation is carried out in eastern Ladakh’s Changthang for the last seven years.

AIR Leh will celebrate 50 years of its service next month.

AIR correspondent reports, Agroforestry is relatively a new sector in Changthang.

In this cold high altitude area of Ladakh,  growth of plants is sluggish due to extreme harsh weather.

However, Changthang has no dearth of land or water sources. With these two pre conditions for plantation, the people in Changthang are defeating all the odds of high altitude and harsh climatic hindrence to grow agro forestry.

Region more known as herding of animals for the livelihood.

However, community is also being encouraged for Agro forestry.

Villagers, school children and monks of monasteries are participating in the mass plantation drive taken up in villages either in community land or monastery lands.

Mass plantation started under Go Green Go Organic movement initiated by the UN Mountain Partnership Good Will Ambassador Chesang Rinpoche. This year drive is dedicated to Azadi Ki Amrut Mahautsav.

Forest Range Durbuk block and Go Green Go Organic Jointly planted over two thousound saplings of Willow tree, Myricaria and Happiophae species on a Single day on March 12 and followed by twenty thousands more saplings in a week- long campaign to celebrate Earth day.

Durbuk Range Officer Namgyal Tashi says plantation of over ten thousand saplings in various departmental areas planned in Durbuk block in this financial year.

With an aim to create sustainable livelihood and increase vegetation in this cold desert region, the plantation of seabuckthrone also started after successful experimenting it’s growth in cold desert.

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