Thursday, December 2, 2021

Ladakh: Dard Tribe in Aryan Valley preserved Dard Culture for centuries despite several challenges

In Ladakh, Aryan Valley is fascinating for its tribal culture, custom, epics and languages which are different from the rest of the union territory. Aryan Valley is home to Buddhist Dard Tribe that live in five villages. People have preserved the Dard Culture for centuries despite several challenges. All India Radio, Leh is celebrating 50 years in June this year. AIR Leh Correspondent reported that this Isolated Community Aryan Race has unique Cultures to offer to the world with Dardi as its language.

Dardi is sub language of Indo-Arayan language. Aryan Valley is tourists destination with restricted movement. Young generation of Arayan Valley working to preserve the Identify of the Dard Community with population of more than two thousands at present. Dard Community has its own folklore,  epic, folk songs, language, custom and all together, they are Known as Arayan Culture.

For instance, the festival of harvesting has more than 4O  songs and all the songs and folklore are passed from generation to generation orally. However, the young generation of the community are working to get recognition of the identity of the community and Dard language by promoting their culture and community level mobilization for its preservation.

Government has started an initiative to preserve the Arayan Culture. With aim to promote tourism in the valley, the Tourism Department has started Arayan Festival from the two years. The Academy of Arts, Culture and Languages organising workshops on folks songs and dance among the children.

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