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A journey from Corona Survivor to Corona Warrior

In this battle against COVID-19, there are a lot of faces around us that have fought hard, made a strong comeback and have set an example of courage and grit. They have showcased to the world that courage is a choice and willingness is the weapon to win against any battle.

“Consider this as a war and yourself as a soldier” – Akshit k Thottam

Akshit k Thottam is a banker working in Gandhi town situated in Kutch, Gujarat. On 6th April, he went for a test in a nearby hospital. After the test results were out, he was found positive with COVID-19. He shared his journey of successfully battling against COVID-19.

Akshit informed that, In the Initial phase, It was quite tough for him as he was living alone in Gujarat and his family resides in Kerala. Urging the people to get the treatment as soon as possible, he said, “Keep your surroundings clean. If possible, change your pillow and bedsheets once a day. Take as much rest as possible. Do a bit of yoga. Always keep your mind positive and try to be in touch with your family”. Informing the people about Do’s and Don’ts, Akshit said, “You will have to eat healthily, try not to have junk food from the outside. Consume healthy food and drink as much water as you can. Try to do exercises that can keep your lungs active. Enjoy the sunsets and fresh air in the mornings and evenings”. In a video message, Akshit sent his best wishes to everyone who is recovering from COVID-19.

Hope amidst the Pandemic – Recovery stories

An elderly woman from Ujjain was suffering from a 95% lung infection. She successfully beats COVID-19 after being on oxygen support for 80 days.

An 82-year-old woman from Gorakhpur bravely battled against COVID-19. She apprised that her oxygen levels improved with the Proning technique.

A Mumbai based 75 years old woman was detected with COVID-19. She also suffered from diabetes, which puts her more at risk. Doctors informed that she had only 24 hours to live but the woman recovered 13 days later.

New Born wins the battle against Covid-19

Sukhdeep Singh was just 20 days old when he was detected with COVID-19. Doctors informed that Sukhdeep was admitted with high fever and seizures and his case was very challenging. The most challenging part was to counsel his parents. But understanding the gravity of the case, Sukhdeep’s parents fully cooperated with the hospital staff. The selfless service and expertise of the doctor and nursing staff carefully nursed Sukhdeep out of the deadly virus within a period of 10 days. Smiles were all around when infant Sukhdeep Singh was discharged from Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Jalandhar.

His father, Gurdeep Singh said that their happiness of having a baby was short-lived and they were shocked to hear that their 20 days old was detected with COVID-19, while Sukdeep’s grandmother Kulwinder Kaur expressed her happiness by thanking the almighty and appreciating the efforts put in by doctors to save the life of her grandson.

Powerful stories of Kindness

Rakhi Jain, a nurse at AIIMS Delhi skipped her grandmother’s funeral for COVID duty.

Two college students Gowatham and Gayatri from Erode have started “Food on Wheels”, a food delivery service for patients in home isolation.

Javed Khan is an auto driver from Bhopal. He has turned his auto into an ambulance to provide free service amidst the COVID surge.

A Covid Hero, Santosh Kumar Panda from Jharkhand delivers ration and medicines to COVID patients at their doorsteps on a bike, without taking any extra charges.

38-year-old Devender Sharma travelled for 1400 kilometres from Bokaro to Noida, carrying an oxygen cylinder to save his friend’s life.

Sneha and Shloka are class 10th students. They raised over Rs 2 lakh in 24 hours to donate 300 pulse oximeters for underprivileged people. The girls designed posters and created a fundraiser. They also managed to reach out to various oximeter makers.

Constables from Delhi who have recovered from COVID launched a Facebook page named “Jivendayani”. The page is meant to connect critical patients with cops who can donate plasma.

A Nagpur based businessman, Pyare Khan spends Rs 85 lakh to procure 400 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen for COVID patients.

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